What can DetourIt do for you?

Let’s say your organization has 10.000 computers and your task is 
install Adobe Acrobat Reader on all of them. Do you send out it-
personnel to ten-thousand machines and have them manually install the
program on every single machine?

No, nobody does that nowadays.

You have the software packaged into a more manageable format like 
msi or a single executable which needs no user input and then you can
distribute it with your choice of distribution software. 

The problem 

The Packaging, Wrapping or Repackaging of an installer can be time-
consuming and costly depending on the complexity of the installer and 
your organizations packaging policy.

In this example, we will assume the packager is great and the 
complexity is of medium level. We will also assume that the 
organization'spackaging policy states that the IT department can install 
software on the end-user's computers only if:

1.   There are NO interruptions to the end-users work. This means, the
installer DO NOT ask the end-user for their input.

2.   You MUST NOT install anything in a way that they are not aware
that an installation is in progress. I.e. you are NOT allowed to start an 
installation on their system which is totally silent.

The Solution

Launch the installer with Detourit and have it bypass any dialog and/or 
messages that the installer wants to display.

This requires no repackaging or capturing, you can send of the setup.exe
to the test team before you even start the packaging process, because 
you know you won’t have to change anything in the original vendors